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With an overall combined 45+ years of clinical / medical experience in addition to extensive teaching and lecturing experience heavily weighted in biomechanics, neurology, orthopedics, manual medicine, acupuncture, advanced gait and running knowledge,  Dr. Ivo Waerlop ( and Dr. Shawn Allen ( & are finally bringing what has long been needed to the information/web age, that being enough knowledge and experience to help clarify the truths and dispel the myths that are abundant on the internet and in seminar halls. We are proud to keep our views and opinions on various products truthful and unbiased for the sake of searching for the facts, uncovering the truth and dispelling myths put upon consumers.

This is one of our favorite things to do, podcast.  Every 2 weeks we gather some important information on breaking developments in neuroscience, research, and clinical practice and we sit down and talk for an hour. This podcast has grown faster than either of us expected. We have listeners in countries all over the world. Last time we checked we were in over 90 countries and in places we did not even think spoke, let alone understood, the english language. It is cool to have listeners in Russia, Tasmania, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Chille, Ireland, UAE, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Australia, China and the list goes on. We will never get to many of those countries to lecture but it is exciting to know that the internet has brought our voices that far. All you need to do is "Google" us and you will find all the different places where our podcast has been uploaded.  Search "podcast the gait guys". You can always find us on iTunes and download us to your phone or laptop.  We recently started loading them up to our YOUTUBE Channel and SoundCloud. Our thousands of self-authored articles can always be found on our Facebook, Twitter and   

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-Shawn and Ivo

Jun 24, 2013

The ultimate achievement is the completion of the 1,000-day challenge, which would rank among the most demanding physical and mental challenges in the world 1.Did Rock Climbing Help Us Start Walking Upright?   By Shaunacy Ferro A new theory suggests humans became bipedal so that we could scramble up rugged terrain.


The Running Marathon monks of Mt. Hiei

The Kaihōgyō is a set of the ascetic physical endurance trainings for which the Japanese "marathon monks" of Mt. Hiei are known. These Japanese monks are from the Shugendō and the Tendai school of Buddhism, a denomination brought to Japan by the monk Saichō in 806 from China.


Do you have Chimpanzee feet ?

About 8% of people tested by Boston University researchers had midfoot flexibility of the sort that apes use to climb trees, according to a study published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropolgy.

4. Statins Linked With Risk of Musculoskeletal Injury

Michael O'Riordan

Can Statins Cut the Benefits of Exercise?


5. Shoes: The Primal

6. Hallux valgus and lesser toe deformities are highly heritable in adult men and women: The Framingham foot study

Marian T. Hannan;jsessionid=99975015C3EE5678E6351273C2CD42A0.d02t04

7. Forefoot strikers exhibit lower running-induced knee loading than rearfoot strikers

Kulmala, Juha-Pekka; Avela, Janne; Pasanen, Kati; Parkkari, Jari

8. Why Where You Land On Your Foot Isn’t That Important