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With an overall combined 45+ years of clinical / medical experience in addition to extensive teaching and lecturing experience heavily weighted in biomechanics, neurology, orthopedics, manual medicine, acupuncture, advanced gait and running knowledge,  Dr. Ivo Waerlop ( and Dr. Shawn Allen ( & are finally bringing what has long been needed to the information/web age, that being enough knowledge and experience to help clarify the truths and dispel the myths that are abundant on the internet and in seminar halls. We are proud to keep our views and opinions on various products truthful and unbiased for the sake of searching for the facts, uncovering the truth and dispelling myths put upon consumers.

This is one of our favorite things to do, podcast.  Every 2 weeks we gather some important information on breaking developments in neuroscience, research, and clinical practice and we sit down and talk for an hour. This podcast has grown faster than either of us expected. We have listeners in countries all over the world. Last time we checked we were in over 90 countries and in places we did not even think spoke, let alone understood, the english language. It is cool to have listeners in Russia, Tasmania, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Chille, Ireland, UAE, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Australia, China and the list goes on. We will never get to many of those countries to lecture but it is exciting to know that the internet has brought our voices that far. All you need to do is "Google" us and you will find all the different places where our podcast has been uploaded.  Search "podcast the gait guys". You can always find us on iTunes and download us to your phone or laptop.  We recently started loading them up to our YOUTUBE Channel and SoundCloud. Our thousands of self-authored articles can always be found on our Facebook, Twitter and   

Enjoy ! 

-Shawn and Ivo

Oct 3, 2012

Flips Flops, Walking Biomechanics, Minimalism Shoe Formula

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1- NEUROSCIENCE PIECE: Walking Statistics

2- Email from a Facebook Follower:

Hey guys, I was wondering if you had any links to articles about the effects of open back shoes on gait?  All I can seem to find are articles about flip flops, which I know have the similar effect, however some of my collegues don't agree with that, so I was hoping to help inform them on the effects of the open back shoes/sandals on gait function.

 Thanks for your time,Tyler


We are not your doctors so anything you hear here should not be taken as medical advice. For that you need to visit YOUR doctors and ask them the questions. We have not examined you, we do not know you, we know very little about your medical status. So, do not hold us responsible for taking our advice when we have just told you not to !  Again, we are NOT your doctors ! 

4-  Updates and Sponsor talk:

A-  more lectures available  on   Go there and look up our lectures

B- In January we will be taking on sponsors for our podcast.  We have had some interest already but we wanted to work out the quality control issues first. Early in means savings.

Contact us if you would like to be a sponsor......If we believe your product has value to this listener community we will give you a professional and personalized company or product plug and advertisment.  From our lips to our listeners ears !  

We will basically expose your product to our international fan base. 

The sponsors will help make our mission possible, defray costs and time to put out this podcast and blog. These things take is away from our practices a little.  Each week we will have 2 center-Stage sponsors . Your sponsorship can run as long as you want.

5-  Mail from an International Follower of our Blog:

Hi Dr’s,

Im here again. Just a quick question about functional LLD’s again. As you said before, most people who have a LLD are functional, but what causes such an apparent problem? What muscles are affected? Also, what exercises do you do to start to fix a functional LLD?

Thanks again for your reply and the attachment. It would be great if you could put it on a future podcast, I am keeping up with them. I’m a little sad as the first thing I check on facebook each day is what you guys have put on. The seminar over here is still a possibility, I was thinking about coming out to you guys first if that’s a possibility to learn direct? Have you thought about trying to do the fitness conventions? Experts like paul chek, Charles Poliquin, Gary Gray amongst others have been very successful and made a lot of money doing this. Gary Gray has done a huge dvd educational series and offers an internship out of his house, which he does once per year and is always full. I personally know 12 people from this country that have done it. Regarding your comment on facebook, I find the case studies more educational than anything else you put on there as it directly relates to my clients, but I have to keep watching them to fully appreciate what your saying. I can imagine most trainers just want quick fixes and new exercises they can give their clients as they are easy to understand. What are your sales of case studies on the onlice CEC compared to your performance downloads?  I can imagine not as many?   Kind Regards,   Luke

6- EMAIL FROM A Blog follower: 
Dear GaitGuys, on the video "Doing Squats, Lunges as well as Walking and Running using the Big Toe Ineffectively.", I would like your opinion on the participation of the intrinsic (lumbricals) muscles, in stabilizing the proximal phalanx when we activate the FHL. I would consider it important, would be pleased to hear your opinion on it. Thanks, keep up the good work! Regards,  - Claudio


field100 asked you:

Hi I wondered whether you could point me to the best exercises to increase strength and arch in the foot - I am flat footed. Also would you recommend the use of vivobarefoot shoes or the like to increase overall strength in the foot and ankle. thanks

8- Blog post we liked recently

Minimalism: Is there a formula?

On one of our many forays into cyberspace, we ran across this easy to understand formula, from one of our friends Blaise Dubois. After we contacted him, he allowed us to reprint it here, for your enjoyment. Thank You Blaise!

Today, we propose a new formula so that you can rate your running shoes on a scale from 1 to 100 (100 being “extremely minimalist” -bare feet- and 1 “extremely maximalist”). The range of variation of your final rating will be more or less 5 points regardless of the comfort criteria, which is subjective. The only thing you need to do is to choose a language, then select the tab of your country at the bottom of the formula page, rate your shoes on the 6 criteria set out and there you go! Please note that we have used average values for criteria to which you don’t have the information. The multiple formats of the formula for every country are represented in accordance with their measuring system, currency and the average selling price of a running shoe for each of these countries.

As for health professionals and scientists, you will see that weighting factors have been applied to all criteria as a function of their importance, which is their effect on the body (biomechanics, tissue adaptation, etc.)
You can now rate your running shoes based upon The Running Clinic’s “TRC Rating” methodology!

12 - Email from a Blog Reader

hoblingoblin asked you:

I have a very strange gait problem that has caused me a great deal of problems in my everyday life. I get a painful, loud snap somewhere in my tarsal tunnel (Post tib, FDL, or something) as I try to control my foot descent from heel strike to midstance and also sometimes as I try to plantar flex at toe off. My ankle also feels kinda loose. I've seen multiple ankle specialists who don't really have answers for me. Any thoughts?