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With an overall combined 45+ years of clinical / medical experience in addition to extensive teaching and lecturing experience heavily weighted in biomechanics, neurology, orthopedics, manual medicine, acupuncture, advanced gait and running knowledge,  Dr. Ivo Waerlop ( and Dr. Shawn Allen ( & are finally bringing what has long been needed to the information/web age, that being enough knowledge and experience to help clarify the truths and dispel the myths that are abundant on the internet and in seminar halls. We are proud to keep our views and opinions on various products truthful and unbiased for the sake of searching for the facts, uncovering the truth and dispelling myths put upon consumers.

This is one of our favorite things to do, podcast.  Every 2 weeks we gather some important information on breaking developments in neuroscience, research, and clinical practice and we sit down and talk for an hour. This podcast has grown faster than either of us expected. We have listeners in countries all over the world. Last time we checked we were in over 90 countries and in places we did not even think spoke, let alone understood, the english language. It is cool to have listeners in Russia, Tasmania, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Chille, Ireland, UAE, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Australia, China and the list goes on. We will never get to many of those countries to lecture but it is exciting to know that the internet has brought our voices that far. All you need to do is "Google" us and you will find all the different places where our podcast has been uploaded.  Search "podcast the gait guys". You can always find us on iTunes and download us to your phone or laptop.  We recently started loading them up to our YOUTUBE Channel and SoundCloud. Our thousands of self-authored articles can always be found on our Facebook, Twitter and   

Enjoy ! 

-Shawn and Ivo

Feb 14, 2014

800,000 year old foot prints !

Laser Walkers Could Help Parkinson's Disease Sufferers

These Robotic Super Socks Will Aid Rehabilitation

Your brain is fine-tuning its wiring throughout your life
in the media:
Why Stair-Climbing is Good for Runners

Materials: Do soft soles improve running shoes ?

April 1998 
Do soft soles improve running shoes?
Most athletic shoes advertise injury protection through “cushioning,” but real world studies have not shown impact moderation. 
By Steven Robbins, MD, Edward Waked, PhD, and Gad Saad, PhD


J Appl Biomech. 2007 May;23(2):119-27.

Effects of insoles and additional shock absorption foam on the cushioning properties of sport shoes.



Feb 6 (4 days ago)
to thegaitguys
Hello there,

I stumbled upon your page while trying to figure out a problem of mine. I'm not a runner, but I have noticed that I consistently wear large holes into the insides of my pants on both legs near the ankle. In looking at other people's pants it doesn't seem to be a very common problem. I do happen to have very flat feet although I wear inserts for that, not sure if that is a factor. In your article you mentioned a few reasons something like this could be occurring then also went on to mention the importance of diagnosing the cause so that the proper remedy could be prescribed, so my question is who do I need to see to get something like this diagnosed? I don't have the means to figure it out for myself but something is clearly wrong so I would like to get it sorted.

Thank You.
ARM swing coming up on the 19th
Young Athletes Risk Back Injury By Playing Too Much -
fun final piece:

12 More Treadmill Myths... Busted!